Do your children need you more when they are young or when they get a little older?

Interesting question isn’t it! I have often asked this question myself. Initially I was adamant! “Of course my children need me when they are young. I need to be at home with them and, take them to the park, take them to parties and play dates. I need to help them get dressed and bath […]

April EQ Theme: I am a good friend!

This months theme has been about FRIENDSHIPS, ‘I am a good friend’ The teachers are making an special effort to highlight what makes a good friend and why it’s important to be kind and share. Some useful tips and reminders about promoting friendship and play at home: Schedule playdates and ensure they have activities ready […]

The Importance of Grade R

Believe it or not I volunteered to write this blog “The Importance of Grade R”. I thought it would be easy because I have taught Grade R for many years and furthermore I enjoy teaching this age group. They are always keen to learn and will attempt almost anything with great bravado. Whilst doing research […]

The Road to becoming Fire Compliant!

Our journey to becoming fire compliant had been a long and rather expensive one! All in the name of progress and of course the safety for our most precious children. It all started last year when we were updating our building plans, and re-registering our school with the WCED, which is a requirement every few […]