A Journey of Discovery Part 2

Posted on January 25 2013 by FHPPS in Parenting

Yes, so Kai’s speech therapist confirmed that he needs speech therapy and this was discussed with Linda, who eagerly volunteered to spend at least one morning a week with Kai to compliment his weekly speech therapy sessions.

His speech started improving and he always looked forward to school; the Penguin class really rocked!

We however started the Starfish year with confirmed hearing loss and Kai went through most of the year not being able to hear his Teachers…This resulted in much frustration, but again, everyone was so open to spend one-on-one time with Kai. Special thanks must go to Nawaal and Elraine who spent part of their tea/lunch/after hours working with Kai to ensure that he met certain goals.

Introducing Kai’s personal FM system in the 3rd term was quite an event and I take my hat off to Colleen for being so open; allowing this amplification device in the classroom and monitoring the impact on his development/interaction during the 3rd term.

Parents of the Starfish 2012 class can truly be very proud of their mature children. Not once was Kai made fun of/bullied; his peers always supported him and understood some of the difficulties that he experienced at times. He had no shortage of ‘helpers’ i.e. repeating instruction, calling him when the bell rang, etc. Thank you for having such wonderful kids and for being such great parents!

When was the last time you heard of someone going out of their way to help a parent research alternative options/get a second opinion? Well at FHPPS! The Principal, Paula, is an absolute star, she is phenomenal! She’s been the ‘other parent’ in many ways; allowing me to look at things objectively and run my thought/decision making processes by her. She accompanied us to the Carel du Toit Centre on two occasions and even took us to an ENT at Tygerburg Hospital for a second opinion. Nowhere else have I come across this level of commitment to supportive and inclusive teaching; a truly holistic involvement in the development of the child. Not to mention the many meetings and emails!

Thank you FHPPS for 3 AWESOME years.

This year Kai’s joined the Carel du Toit Centre for deaf/hard of hearing/hearing impaired children. Our goal is for him to develop the necessary auditory skills to actively participate with confidence in the mainstream environment as well as get to the bottom of his ever-changing hearing loss so that he can join all his friends for Gr. 1 at FHP in 2014!

Parents; stay close to your child’s teacher/assistant teacher/aftercare staff and do not be afraid to question, ask for help or get involved.