A Journey of Discovery

Posted on November 28 2012 by FHPPS in Parenting

We’ve loved this school since we first set foot on the playground, the scary jungle gym (for me that is), the space and sense of freedom you get when you watch the kids play, the laughter, the Friday music…what’s not to love?

I remember leaving Kai with Aunty Molly on his first day, and the pride I felt when I called in later and was told that he is doing fine, such a brave little boy…This first day, however, was the foundation for his happiness at the school. Knowing that he felt save enough to be left at this “big school” set my mind and heart at ease. The Rainbow year was the year where solid friendships were formed, the parents were so involved and present. I absolutely loved it! And let’s not forget how fortunate the kids were to have Leigh, guitar in hand, securing an everlasting spot in my son’s heart.

It’s crazy to think that I actually wanted Kai to stay in the Rainbow class forever…it was just so much fun. Needless to say, the Penguin year turned out to be a blast, a new class, more friends and an awesome and involved Aunty Linda and Rita.

The Penguin year also bought with it new challenges and exciting learning opportunity…struggling to understand your child and the frustrations that goes with it, for parent and child, is not easy. Nor is learning that your child has a significant delay in his language and speech development, especially if you the type of parent that believe ‘each child will develop at his/her own pace’…It is here where our journey of patience, resilience, tenacity, great frustration and exceptional inclusion and involvement with all role players, especially FHPPS, begins…(to be continued)