The Three Partners- child, parent and teacher!!

The Three Partners- child, parent and teacher!! – information gathered from the article written by Mike Van Haght, entitled The Education Triangle. I recently read a very interesting article that really did resonate with me and I though it important to share it. We all know and have heard many times that there are three […]

Are your children struggling with anxiety?

What a world we have been living in in recent times. And the last two years have certainly taken their toll on many. We know as adults that it has been hard to adjust and cope and it has added to our anxieties. But what about our children?   Are children suffering with anxiety? How […]


I recently attended a fantastic parent information morning facilitated by Yolande Roed, as part of the HAND IN HAND TALK SERIES, on discovering how to transform unwanted behaviours and power struggles with children by using positive strategies. What a valuable hour and a half filled with concrete examples and positive tools and strategies!! So what […]

Relationships and Child Development

With our Overarching concept at school being ‘Relationships,’ I have been thinking, and exploring and taking time to concentrate on this concept! Asking questions like: How do we foster positive relationships? How do we change or improve relationships that may have become a little strained, back into healthy and positive relationships? Are relationships important and […]

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Choosing a school for your toddler!

It is always a big decision choosing a school for your child, but when they are as little as 12 months old, does that make the decision easier or more difficult? What is more important? The educational aspect of the school, the size of the school, the nurturing aspect or the experience of the staff […]

Self Esteem

Much has been written about the importance of each child developing a positive image of himself. One reason for this emphasis is that educators have found that children who do not like themselves suffer in the educational system. An important aspect of self-esteem is self-confidence. Children who lack self-confidence spend so much of their energy […]

Involvement in your child’s school: Are there benefits?

My name is Paula and I have 2 wonderful children, Jono aged 16 and Sarah aged 12.The answer to the question above in my opinion is a huge YES!! YES!! YES!!! YES!! Ever since I can remember my mum was involved at my school. If she was not helping in the tuckshop, she was attending […]

The importance of supporting your child in school

  It is almost the end of the year, the nativity plays are fast approaching and my daughter and I are rehearsing her line for the play. I sit and think, wow what a whirlwind of a year, jam packed with school activities! I am so grateful for the fact that, because I work from […]

Fish Hoek Pre-Primary Orientation Day 2015

Orientation Day 2015

What a wonderful day we had at Fish Hoek Pre-Primary on Saturday 15 November for our annual Orientation Day for 2015. It was so lovely to meet new children and welcome our current children to their new classes for next year. Here are some images from the day. Please see the full album on our […]