EQ August: I am special!

What an incredible day in the Angelfish Class! The talent show was an incredible success with all the children confidently displaying their talents. Even the teachers surprised us all with Nawaal’s ‘I am special!’ rap, Bonita’s singing and Andre playing the guitar! There is an energy in school today with the other teachers discussing a […]

Keeping your children safe

In today’s times, we are faced with many more risks than we, as children, had to face. We, as parents, need to be aware of this. We need to take the bull by the horns because, ultimately, we are the ones to blame if something goes wrong. I am going to outline a few issues […]

Our Vegetable Patch

Let me start off by saying that I am not a huge Jamie Oliver fan , but I am hugely impressed with his effort at getting kids to eat healthier and to start enjoying the usually moaned about vegetables. In today’s culture of take- out and pre-packaged meals it is important for kids to get […]

June EQ Theme: I can solve problems!

This month’s emotional literacy theme is on Problem Solving! Being able to solve problems is such an important skill in life and it can either stifle or propel people along in their endeavors. It is important to start teaching a problem solving process to children as young as you can. We all have a way […]

A day at FHPP…

As the year speeds I become more and more excited about working at FHPP. I have been here just over four months and I know that people are still unsure about my role and what it is that Teacher Lisa does. Today I want to share with you what my day has looked like… I […]

I can do it

Dear Parents, Today I did an EQ lesson with each class on being positive. We sang a song that I have asked them to sing it to you: I can do it! I can do it! Yes I can, yes I can! If I get it wrong, if I get it wrong, I’ll try again, […]

May EQ Theme : I can be positive!

This month is, ‘I can be positive!’ We all have positive and negative thoughts and beliefs tumbling around in our heads throughout the day and even in the night. Managing these ‘thoughts/beliefs’ is a process that can have huge affects on a child’s emotions and beliefs about the world they live in. NATS and PATS?!? […]

Do your children need you more when they are young or when they get a little older?

Interesting question isn’t it! I have often asked this question myself. Initially I was adamant! “Of course my children need me when they are young. I need to be at home with them and, take them to the park, take them to parties and play dates. I need to help them get dressed and bath […]

April EQ Theme: I am a good friend!

This months theme has been about FRIENDSHIPS, ‘I am a good friend’ The teachers are making an special effort to highlight what makes a good friend and why it’s important to be kind and share. Some useful tips and reminders about promoting friendship and play at home: Schedule playdates and ensure they have activities ready […]

The Importance of Grade R

Believe it or not I volunteered to write this blog “The Importance of Grade R”. I thought it would be easy because I have taught Grade R for many years and furthermore I enjoy teaching this age group. They are always keen to learn and will attempt almost anything with great bravado. Whilst doing research […]