I recently attended a fantastic parent information morning facilitated by Yolande Roed, as part of the HAND IN HAND TALK SERIES, on discovering how to transform unwanted behaviours and power struggles with children by using positive strategies. What a valuable hour and a half filled with concrete examples and positive tools and strategies!! So what […]

Choosing a school for your toddler!

It is always a big decision choosing a school for your child, but when they are as little as 12 months old, does that make the decision easier or more difficult? What is more important? The educational aspect of the school, the size of the school, the nurturing aspect or the experience of the staff […]

Keeping your children safe

In today’s times, we are faced with many more risks than we, as children, had to face. We, as parents, need to be aware of this. We need to take the bull by the horns because, ultimately, we are the ones to blame if something goes wrong. I am going to outline a few issues […]

Do your children need you more when they are young or when they get a little older?

Interesting question isn’t it! I have often asked this question myself. Initially I was adamant! “Of course my children need me when they are young. I need to be at home with them and, take them to the park, take them to parties and play dates. I need to help them get dressed and bath […]

Homework for parents and kids!!!

This week and next you will find worksheets in your child’s sleeves outside their classroom. Complete the sheet at home entitled ‘My Teacher is Special’ by asking your child what they like about their teacher. Drop the sheets into the ‘SPECIAL TEACHER BOX’ in the office when you have completed them. This exercise is designed […]

Take those opportunites and make memories

A parent’s life is so rushed these days with work commitments and all that goes with family life. As parents we are forever sitting in the traffic on our way to and from dropping our children off at school, or waiting patiently for our children to finish their extra murals. The question I ask is, […]

A Journey of Discovery Part 2

Yes, so Kai’s speech therapist confirmed that he needs speech therapy and this was discussed with Linda, who eagerly volunteered to spend at least one morning a week with Kai to compliment his weekly speech therapy sessions. His speech started improving and he always looked forward to school; the Penguin class really rocked! We however […]

A Journey of Discovery

We’ve loved this school since we first set foot on the playground, the scary jungle gym (for me that is), the space and sense of freedom you get when you watch the kids play, the laughter, the Friday music…what’s not to love? I remember leaving Kai with Aunty Molly on his first day, and the […]

Memories of an anxious new parent

In December 2011 we moved from Gardens in Cape Town to Simon’s Town. This meant we had to change so many things, including schools for our two daughters aged three and six. Being digital types, we started our search on the Internet in July. We battled to find much information on pre-schools in the Fish […]