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Involvement in your child’s school: Are there benefits?

My name is Paula and I have 2 wonderful children, Jono aged 16 and Sarah aged 12.The answer to the question above in my opinion is a huge YES!! YES!! YES!!! YES!! Ever since I can remember my mum was involved at my school. If she was not helping in the tuckshop, she was attending […]

The importance of supporting your child in school

  It is almost the end of the year, the nativity plays are fast approaching and my daughter and I are rehearsing her line for the play. I sit and think, wow what a whirlwind of a year, jam packed with school activities! I am so grateful for the fact that, because I work from […]

Fish Hoek Pre-Primary Orientation Day 2015

Orientation Day 2015

What a wonderful day we had at Fish Hoek Pre-Primary on Saturday 15 November for our annual Orientation Day for 2015. It was so lovely to meet new children and welcome our current children to their new classes for next year. Here are some images from the day. Please see the full album on our […]

Fish Hoek Pre-Primary Tour de Fish Hoek bike fun

Tour de Fish Hoek 2014

Each year we gather the children, staff and parents together on a Saturday to enjoy a morning of fun and bike riding in what we call – the Tour de Fish Hoek! This year on Saturday 18 November we met in the False Bay College grounds for the fun event. The weather was perfect, sunny […]

EQ Class Visits: The Sharks!

This month, on top of my regular visits to classes to teach EQ lessons, I am also visiting to watch the teachers do their lessons. I watched a Shark lesson last week and was so impressed. They have grown tremendously since January. The children all are able to articulate how they are feeling and work […]

Our Vegetable Patch

Let me start off by saying that I am not a huge Jamie Oliver fan , but I am hugely impressed with his effort at getting kids to eat healthier and to start enjoying the usually moaned about vegetables. In today’s culture of take- out and pre-packaged meals it is important for kids to get […]

A day at FHPP…

As the year speeds I become more and more excited about working at FHPP. I have been here just over four months and I know that people are still unsure about my role and what it is that Teacher Lisa does. Today I want to share with you what my day has looked like… I […]

The Importance of Grade R

Believe it or not I volunteered to write this blog “The Importance of Grade R”. I thought it would be easy because I have taught Grade R for many years and furthermore I enjoy teaching this age group. They are always keen to learn and will attempt almost anything with great bravado. Whilst doing research […]

The Road to becoming Fire Compliant!

Our journey to becoming fire compliant had been a long and rather expensive one! All in the name of progress and of course the safety for our most precious children. It all started last year when we were updating our building plans, and re-registering our school with the WCED, which is a requirement every few […]