Involvement in your child’s school: Are there benefits?

Posted on February 12 2015 by Paula Wickham in Children, School

My name is Paula and I have 2 wonderful children, Jono aged 16 and Sarah aged 12.The answer to the question above in my opinion is a huge YES!! YES!! YES!!! YES!!

Ever since I can remember my mum was involved at my school. If she was not helping in the tuckshop, she was attending meetings, and phoning parents to help with school fundraising events. My mum new all that was going on at our schools! (I had a brother at a boys’ school and my sister and I at a girl’s school) And it was wonderful!

She knew my friends, their mothers and my teachers! She was in touch with our lives both in and out of school and we so appreciated the time she devoted to us as her children. We could talk to her about any issues and she understood. But most importantly we knew she cared a great deal.

With my children I was determined to do the same. It gets a bit tricky being a working mum, I often feel that I just don’t have the time and it’s quite something at the beginning of the term scheduling into my diary all the activities, functions and events that I need to be a part of!!!

I tend to believe the saying: “If you want something done then ask a busy person!” Because in my opinion it’s so true! A large percentage of mums and dads on the committees that I am on at my children’s schools are very busy working people, with huge hearts, loads of enthusiasm, and determination and full of fun!

Once it’s in the diary, well then go for it!!! A couple of things overlap and you need a good support system at times with friends and family, but it certainly can and does work and the rewards of being involved are stupendous!!!!!

I have met some wonderful people, learnt a great deal about how schools run, their highs and their challenges, learnt about and had fun with my children in all different environments, and hopefully set a good example to my children.

Be involved, take a risk, move out of your comfort zone, learn leadership skills, offer assistance, help others, learn, explore and grow!!!!

Good Luck to all of you and may you be involved in your children’s school.

Give it a go!!!    It’s so worth it!!!!!