Susan Boonzaier Assistant

Annah Sikonzi Assistant

Faith Dingiswayo Teacher

Little Flippers 6 - 12 months


Hello, my name is Faith Dingiswayo. I’m the ‘Little Flippers’ Teacher.

I have a Higher Certificate in ECD and  am happy when I’m surrounded by my family, friends, young children…. And my Colleagues.

In our class we have 2 assistant teachers, Annah Sikonzi and Susan Boonzaier. We provide care for the Flippers children, leading them in safe, stimulating activities. We ensure that the children are happy, safe and having fun. We also make sure that they are changed regularly and enjoy both the indoor and the outdoor environment.

In the ‘little Flippers’ class the children learn through play and they explore through their senses: hearing, touching, tasting, smelling.

In our class we have a routine that we follow which includes: Breakfast time, Nappy checks, Morning ring, 2 sleeps, snack, and lunch and lots of outdoor and indoor activities. As much as we have this routine and we follow it, we put the child’s need first…we are encouraging social skills through sharing and playing together.

Our Morning ring is filled with lots of singing, clapping hands and shaking the shakers.

The class reps for the Little Flippers class are:

  • Taryn Klink