Lorraine Theunissen Assistant

Stella Charumbira Teacher

Penguin 3 - 4 yrs

My name is Stella Charumbira and I am the Penguin Class teacher.

In our class we also have our teaching assistant Lorraine Theunissen. Together, we create an environment where the children can feel safe and secure away from Mommy and Daddy.

I am a qualified teacher with a B ed Foundation Phase degree through UNISA.

The children in my class are between the ages of 3 and 4 years.

Concentrating on our children’s EQ as well as their IQ, we have our daily morning/theme rings followed by creative art activities, music/movement rings, quiet play and story time.

During outside play, we encourage the children to be independent and adventurous in order to develop our gross motor skills as well as socialising with friends and other teachers. We have a huge garden filled with amazing equipment with so much to do.

In the Penguin Class, we create a space where the children can have fun while still learning the important fundamentals. We enjoy doing fun art activities everyday where we can all get a little messy, as well as learning new songs and playing games that involve the children doing actions.

In the classroom we have a ‘Star Jar’ system as a reward system for any positive behaviour and effort in the classroom. We also have our daily helpers who assist the teachers with handing out things, tidying up, making sure the classroom is tidy, being train leader, etc. We have strict rules and agreements in our classroom as well as outside in the garden. The children know that there are consequences to our actions if agreements and rules are broken.

The Penguin Class is a big family and we love having fun in the classroom while learning new things.


The class reps for the Penguin class are:

  • Melissa Garrison