Portia Abrahams Assistant

Vuvu Poswa Assistant

Elraine Fredericks Teacher

Rainbow Class 2-3 yrs

Welcome to the Rainbow¬† Class. A space where the “Fun never Sets”.

I am Elraine Fredericks. I have a Higher Certificate in ECD/Level5 and  my wonderful journey with fhpps began in 2011.

In my classroom, the children are exploring and becoming their own individuals and we create a fun, warm, loving environment for them to do so.
Our day starts with morning ring where we learn about different themes. New words are introduced and new songs are taught. We discuss the weather, months of the year and the days of the week. We identify different shapes and colours and we do a lot of counting and number work.
We move into art time, where the children are introduced to different art activities. Allowing them to explore, be creative and also improve their fine motor skills.
We do music and movement on a daily basis where the children are given an opportunity to move their bodies to different rhythms and also play different instruments.
Our different play areas encourage the growth of the “whole child.” They are able to grow physically, mentally and emotionally.
We do a lot of EQ activities, encouraging problem solving, identifying different emotions and also dealing with these different emotions.
We encourage the children to be themselves and to never give up! We promote kindness and good values. Our aim is for them to reach their full potential.
Everyday in the Rainbow class is an opportunity to learn something new and to have fun!!
“Create your own Rainbow everyday”

The class reps for the Rainbow Class class are:

  • Kylie Thornley