Patience Fuzile Assistant

Rudo Chitehwe Assistant

Barbara Hoffman Teacher

Turtle 1-2 yrs

At this age it is all about settling in, socialising, learning experiences and having lots of fun indoor, outdoors and through sensory experiences.

We have a routine that we follow which includes breakfast time, nappy checks, hand washing, art time, outdoor play, music and movement time, snack time, story time and sleep time.

We have loads of fun introducing the children to different art mediums, giving them sensory experiences and smiles. The outdoors is a large part of the day where they can learn about their bodies, experience sand, and water play, climb, swing and balance. The black motor bikes are a great hit with all the children as well as the slides and small see-saws. We are fortunate enough to have a teacher and two assistant teachers to care for and supervise the 10 children in this class, concentrating on encouraging learning through play, safety and having fun, and a wonderful garden with a large sand pit, climbing frames and space to ride, and run.

We concentrate on encouraging social skills, through sharing and playing together. Learning about friendships and each other.

Our morning rings and story times each day are filled with music, singing imagination, learning and delightful smiles and giggles.

The children enjoy their sleep with their blanket and pillow after lunch and the fun continues throughout the afternoon with more activities, experiences and outdoor play.

The class reps for the Turtle class are:

  • Lauren Robinson