Board of Governors

Our Board of Governors (Management Committee) is responsible for ensuring that appropriate decisions are made for the school as well as to support, encourage and assist the principal and staff where required.

The board consists of the following members :

At the helm to take overall responsibility for the decisions made at the meetings.

Will take on the duties of the Chairman in his absence, and take on the responsibility for special projects.

To take minutes of every meeting and to ensure that these are then passed on to the rest of the members, to draw up the Agenda for Committee meetings and notify members of meetings.

The person who keeps tabs on where the money is coming from and going to.

To raise the necessary funds for the school through various means. The fundraiser/Board of Governors co-opts parents to be class reps to assist with the organizing of fundraising events.

The Board of Governors meet once a month in the evenings. Sub-committees may meet in the afternoons/evenings when necessary.

If you feel that you would like to be part of the decision making committee of our school, please ensure that you complete a nomination form and submit this to the school secretary, Jane Pederson, before the AGM each year. Forms can be requested from

If you know of someone who may be willing and able to take on any of the above portfolios, please ask their permission and then submit a nomination form on their behalf.

The Board of Governors for 2022

  • Jane Pedersen - School Secretary
  • Paula Wickham - School Principal
  • Justin Marshall - Maintenance
  • Jon Robinson - Chairman and Treasurer
  • Steve Schnugh - Vice- Chairman
  • Nikki Streatfield - Fundraiser
  • Lauren Daniels - HR
  • Nicole Heuer - PRO