Class Reps

Class reps meet once a month and discuss the fundraising initiatives for the school, together with the Principal and the Parent who holds the fundraiser portfolio on the Board of Governors. Once all the functions have been set, the class reps then approach the parents in their child’s class for any help that is required.

  • Assistance on the day of the function for example manning a food or games stall, or helping to braai borewors rolls is always needed. We try to organise shifts of 1/2 hour or 1 hour so that helpers are able to also spend time enjoying the day with their family.
  • Help is needed collecting spot prizes for particular functions and donations towards special events.
  • We also have functions where tickets are sold for example raffles and this is where the parents support is most helpful.

The class reps are an extremely important part of the school and we value and appreciate the hard work that they do for the good of the school.

Funds raised during the year are used in various ways

  • for special projects like building work, new garden equipment, indoor resources, and donations towards the preschool that we oversee in Masiphumelele
  • for maintenance work on the building and equipment
  • for the purchase of new books and educational games
  • for school outings and educational visitors to visit the school.


  • A Pirate Ship for our fantastic garden. It includes a climbing wall, slide, and crows nest.
  • Heath and safety-We altered the building and made additions to the building in order to comply with the new Health and safety Regulations. This meant installing 3 push-bar emergency exit doors, fire walls between the classrooms, fire doors for each classroom and a 30m fire hose.
  • Re-Branding- We gave the school a fresh new and unique logo.
  • Maintenance- We added a new store room for all our outdoor equipment.
  • Vegetable garden- We made a vegetable garden, and added a ‘wormery.’
  • Website- work has been done on our website.

Class Representatives for 2022

  • Turtle
    • Lauren Robinson

  • Penguin
    • Melissa Garrison

  • Rainbow Class
    • Kylie Thornley

  • Starfish
    • Lauren Daniels

  • Grade R Sharks
    • Candice Farrell

  • Little Flippers
    • Taryn Klink