Community Involvement

Fish Hoek Pre-Primary was approached by ‘Living Hope’ in 2012, to see if we were interested in helping our community by assisting a Pre-school in Masiphumelele, Rainbow Educare.

Masicor were already involved in that they provide a rice dish for the children at the school, as well as at other centres in the area, on a daily basis.

We were excited about the venture and decided to take them under our wing and help them to get registered with the WCED, as well as help them with their daily programme, giving advice and sharing our knowledge, skills and experience. If registered with Social Development, the school will receive a subsidy for their children which would help them financially. The process is long and extremely difficult but we were willing to push forward and help where we could.

Rainbow Educare is a crèche in Masiphumelela that looks after, feeds and educates approximately 60 children. The children are between 3months and 6years old.

Our first project was trying to improve the environment for the children at Rainbow Educare. As you know and can see our environment here at FHPPS is superb and our children are so privileged to be a part of it each day. They learn an enormous amount just playing and interacting in our specially chosen and arranged environment.

With a little help and support we could make the environment at Rainbow Educare better so that they too will be able to learn through play and gain as much form their environment as our children do from ours.

1. We felt that more equipment was needed for the garden. There is so much we could do in the garden, create a sand and water area, erect a basket-ball hoop, attach chalk boards to the wall so the children can use them to draw on, erect a small jungle gym etc.

2.  The babies and toddlers spend much of their time in their classroom and we would like to create a fenced off area just in front of their door so that they can spend more time out-doors.Perhaps have a small sand pit.

3. We wanted to plaster the surrounding walls and finish them off with a little paint, shapes and numbers.

4. The electricity pole is rather dangerous and really needs to be covered in some way.

In December 2013 a miracle happened…… After we wrote to KFM Christmas wish 2013, our wish was granted!!!!! And amazingly enough Rainbow Educare received R20 000,00 worth of building materials from Builders Express. A team of men from Builders Express, headed by Steve, completed the necessary work in January 2014. A transformation! The school and its environment was improved with incredible results. We cannot thank KFM and Builders Express enough for their generous contribution to improving the lives of these children.

Vegetables and flowers were planted in wooden boxes and hanging baskets around the school, the sand was replaced by bark in demarcated areas, a sand pit with overhead cover was built for the children. The school was given a fresh coat of paint and fresh new carpets. Shelving was put up as well as more storage facilities. A covered area for the young children was erected so that they too may enjoy the out doors, and materials were supplied for a makeover of the bathroom. Absolutely Fantastic!!

 Our school started a ‘Food for a friend Day’ on a Wednesday, where our children are encouraged to bring an extra sandwich or fruit that I then take down to the school for the children. The parents have been so wonderful and often also add in a treat, like some cake and biscuits.

What we have found to be most beneficial and wonderful is our ‘play dates.’ We invite a small group of children together with their teacher to visit our school once a month and take part in our school programme. That way the teachers learn first hand how we

extend and teach the children, and the children get to experience a variety of art activities, and movement and music experiences. Two of our teachers go to Rainbow Educare and spend the morning there giving them ideas but also learning from them. They teach us some wonderful songs.

We also have certain days where the whole school comes, with the help of our parents lifting, to play at our school for the day.

Our children are so fantastic and they all play and learn together.

If you are able to help in any way please contact me at school.

We need:

Donations of wood, fake grass, fencing, paving, bricks.

And your love, time and enthusiasm.

We also help other charities as the need arises. For Mandela day, 2013, the parents and children donated vegetables and

soup mixes for the False Bay Hospital soup kitchen. So much was donated in one single day that we donated some of the fresh vegetables to ‘Living Hope’ and    Rainbow Educare as well.

2014 we also collected baby clothes, books and soft toys for the children’s ward at False Bay Hospital.