Daily Programme


The children are greeted at the gate and taken to their classrooms by the teachers or parents as necessary. The same is done at collection time, with the older children being brought to the gate to their parent and the younger children’s parents come in to fetch them. )

We open at 7 am in the morning with morning care.

The Little Flipper, Turtle and Rainbow classes are the youngest in the school, 6months -12 months, 1-2 years and 2-3 years respectively. They are greeted in their own classrooms by their teachers and assistants who arrive at 7am and 7.30am each day. This is important for the younger children as they need the consistency of their own teacher and assistant teacher.

Daily Programme

Parents/teachers bring children into their class where they are greeted by their teacher. This is followed by

Morning ring
Inside activities
Snack time
Music, movement, songs and games, etc.
Free play for the children indoors and outdoors
Quiet time inside (Programmes differ for older groups)

Story time.

Turtle, Rainbow and Penguin children are collected from their classrooms.

The Little Flippers, and Starfish children finish their story time.

Grade R finish their literacy programme with a story.

If children have not been collected then they are taken to aftercare for the parents account.

Aftercare (Stay & Play)

HOURS: Monday to Friday : 07h00 to 18h00

Lunch is served between 12h15 and 13h00 . (Cooked fresh each day on the school premises by our school chef Shante)

The children have a rest after their lunch until about 13h30 /14h00.

When they wake up, they are able to play in the Stay and Play room, doing art activities, reading books, playing educational games or playing in the house corner, or they have a play in the garden.

Tea time is at 15h00, when the children are given a snack consisting of a selection of fruit and a sandwich, biscuit or muffin. Water is available all day.

Stay and Play closes at 18h00 every day.


When you leave your child be sure that she hears you say ‘good-bye’ – don’t just slip away. However, do not make matters difficult for your child by prolonging your leaving. Say good-bye briefly and pleasantly and be sure that your child knows when you are coming back to fetch her before you go quickly.