Safety Procedures

COVID -19 Protocol and Plan for Fish Hoek Pre-Primary

COVID-19 is a respiratory/vascular disease caused by a novel (new) virus, and we are learning more about

it every day. The best way to prevent infection is to avoid exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19. Preventing

transmission (spread) of the virus through everyday practices is the best way to keep people healthy. Independent Schools and ECD Centres, working together with local health departments, play an important role in slowing the spread of diseases, to ensure that learners and educators have safe and healthy learning and working environments. More detailed information on COVID-

19 is available on the following websites and sources:

  • National Department of Health:
  • National Institute for Communicable Diseases:
  • National Institute for Occupational Health:
  • World Health Organization:
  • Department of Basic Education:
  • National Health Laboratory Service:
  • COVID-19 Online Resource & News Portal:
  • NICD Toll-Free Emergency Hotline for COVID-19: 0800 029 999
  • WhatsApp Support Line for COVID-19: Send HI to 0600 123 456

Fish Hoek Pre-Primary has and will in order to adhere to the protocols and covid-19 regulations:

  • Placed a natural hand sanitizers in each classroom, at entrances and exits, at the front office, kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Have trained staff on COVID-19 and will implement an appropriate learning programme to educate the children on the virus.
  • Will ensure that staff clean and sanitize all toys and surfaces thoroughly and regularly, ensuring too that rubbish is removed daily and disposed of safely.
  •  Ensure that children and staff wash their hands frequently, always with soap and water.
  • Encourage the children to refrain from touching their eyes, mouth and face.
  •  Not allow sharing of cups, eating utensils, food or drinks with others.
  •  Encourage all to sneeze or cough into a bent elbow or tissue, and to discard the tissue safely in a bin

with a lid.

  •  Will ensure that there is no teasing anyone about being sick.
  • Will monitor who enters the school premises.

Arrival Procedure:

All children will enter through the main gate.

  • Teaching Staff to all be on duty from 7am to receive children. Parents may take their children to their classrooms as necessary.
  • Children are taken to their classroom where they unpack and find a game to play.

Staff to monitor themselves and let us know that they will not be at school if they feel unwell. Parents to monitor themselves and their children and also keep them at home if they feel unwell.

Please note that we will have child-orientated  posters around the school to remind all about washing hands, and coughing into your elbow .

We will chat to the children about these posters and make mention of them during our morning rings.

We will have water fountains in each class’s garden, 5 in total for the children to use to wash their hands when they enter and leave the classrooms, so that they do not have to always and only use sanitizer.

We will make use of separate gardens for the classes that will be rotated every week so as to allow the children to have use of all the equipment in the school. The teachers will ensure activities for the children in each garden as always.

We will make use of a painted caterpillar when the children line up to come inside to encourage physical distancing. This caterpillar is colour coded as well as numbered so that it becomes a teaching tool as opposed to only a distancing tool. We want to ensure the children have fun and learn and grow and do not become scared or nervous at school about keeping away from others and not sharing.

The painted caterpillar will appear in various places in the garden to encourage the children to remain in their garden.  On tyres and painted on poles etc. The separating of the main garden into two will then be done by natural barriers as opposed to red emergency tape. (The line of separation will be a diagonal line from the grass area in front of the office to the far corner of Paul Greyling’s fence.)

The caterpillar will also appear on the stones at the front gate to help keep children and parents waiting to come in to the school or waiting to fetch their child at their particular physical distance.

Classroom management and changes made:

Most importantly the teachers will be mindful of the children’s emotional state at all times and care will be taken to help children adjust to the changes and help them to understand the changes and comply.  The first few weeks back to school will be dedicated to the well-being of the children and explaining the new changes. Much emotional literacy will be done in each classroom to ensure that everyone feels safe and happy which will enable them to learn.

  • Teachers have set regular washing hands times into their routines throughout the day to encourage hands washing.
  • Children will rest in their own classrooms on their own beds with their own pillows and blankets etc. The beds will be sanitised after children wake up.
  • Puzzle boxes have been used as the children’s individual boxes for art materials. They will be kept in their child’s lockers and only used by that child. Writing materials, playdough etc will be divided and placed into these boxes.
  • Teachers will organise snack time and lunch time differently to ensure no sharing of utensils- We ask if the parents will please provide their own spoon from home for their child if necessary. Eg for yoghurt
  • Classrooms will be sanitized/cleaned regularly and areas will be sanitized once the children have used the area and before the next group moves in. We have cleaning confirmation sheets in each area (Classroom and kitchen and bathrooms) that will be signed as the cleaning/sanitizing is done so that it can be monitored.
  • Ventilation is important so we will try to make sure the rooms are well ventilated without making them too cold of course.


  • A meeting has been held with whole staff to discuss changes and importance of following procedure as well as covid-19 symptoms and health precautions. See Annexure D, with details of the meetings and the covid-19 training the staff has had.
  • Staff will be working slightly longer hours as necessary or where essential, extra staff will be employed as necessary for cleaning and monitoring of children. See staff duty roster attached. Annexure E.
  • A duty roster for staff on sanitizing procedures has been set up. See Annexure F, attached.
  • The class by class daily routine that has been changed accordingly with planning changes, COVID-19 protocols, daily routine changes including extra washing of hands and sanitizing times. Together with Aftercare daily routine.
  • Management of any sickness or related covid-19 symptoms at school. See Annexure I.
  • A document for sanitising of office equipment is attached as Annexure J.
  • A document for sanitizing of Kitchen is attached as Annexure K.
  • A document for sanitizing of the adult bathroom is attached as Annexure L.
  • Communication and updates on progress at school will be sent on a regular basis, (weekly or as is necessary) to the parent body to keep them informed and updated.
  • We will continually reinforce, in our general newsletters, that parents and guardians should alert the school and health care authorities if someone in their home has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and stay at home.
  • Documents in COVID -19 file from DSD and WCED and any other related on COVID -19. Stored in the school office and is available on request.

Annexure’s available on request.