Go Green


At Fish Hoek Pre-Primary School we see the importance of looking after our environment and of encouraging the children to do the same. We are teaching them through practice, experience and example the value of our world and the necessity for recycling and caring for our precious resources.

Every bit counts!

We started very small really but we gradually all came on board, teachers and children alike, and we hope to grow and grow with more ideas and initiatives.

Our recycling is up and running and working well.

All paper and recyclable items used such as yoghurt containers, plastic, toilet rolls, paper etc are put into recyclable bags by the children during the course of the day. They are collected by the City Waste Management recycling service each week.

Thanks to one of our parents, we have developed a vegetable garden on the school premises. The children visit with their teacher and learn about vegetables, herbs and the growing cycle.

We also have a wormery. All kitchen waste is put into the wormery each day to feed the worms. The worms produce a fertilizer or ‘worm tea’ that is used in our garden.

We  have a compost heap that is used to nourish the soil and plants in the garden. Kitchen waste is added to it as needed as well as grass cuttings etc.

The teachers encourage the children to look after the environment and also organise outings to sustainable organisations such as Soil for Life. This helps teach the children about the value of recycling and caring for our environment.