Take those opportunites and make memories

Posted on March 5 2013 by FHPPS in Parenting

A parent’s life is so rushed these days with work commitments and all that goes with family life. As parents we are forever sitting in the traffic on our way to and from dropping our children off at school, or waiting patiently for our children to finish their extra murals.

The question I ask is, “Are we missing opportunities to make memories, or are we just too rushed to see the opportunities standing

right in front of our eyes?”

Memories are what stay with us long after the event. They make us smile and make us cry. They shape us and teach us. They are what living is all about.

I challenge myself and those who want to be challenged to make memories for your children. Give them something to talk to their children about. Be spontaneous and live life to the full.

So when next you are driving home with your children on a beautiful afternoon:

*Stop to look at the dolphins in the bay!

*Grab your ‘cozies’ and your towel and spend a few happy moments together on the beach with the sand between your toes, building sand castles and enjoying the cool fresh ocean.

Homework can wait a few moments, routines can be a little mixed up tonight…..we are out making memories!!!!!!!