The importance of supporting your child in school

Posted on November 19 2014 by Robynne Alexander in Children, School


It is almost the end of the year, the nativity plays are fast approaching and my daughter and I are rehearsing her line for the play. I sit and think, wow what a whirlwind of a year, jam packed with school activities!

I am so grateful for the fact that, because I work from home, I have been able to participate in my daughters’ school year as much as I have. Sometimes it can be quite demanding on my time but it is so rewarding to see how much she loves me being there as well as how much the teachers appreciate the help they get.

In this day and age though, many parents have to work full time, but this doesn’t have to stop them from being there for their child. By knowing what’s going on at the school, reading the weekly newsletter and diarising important dates you are more than building a strong foundation for your child’s future.

Get to know who the teachers and domestic staff are, each of them knows the names of every child in the school (well at least at Fish Hoek Pre-Primary they do) as they are responsible for the wellbeing of each and every student in the school not just the ones in their class.

In the same vein try to meet the parents of your child’s friends. Be courteous when arranging play dates and please, please, please RSVP to birthday invites!

Another way is by participating in school events, make an effort to be there, this socialising with your child in their environment is so important to them. It shows them that you are interested in the lives that they lead when they are not with you. As well as helping towards the school running as a big happy family it makes your and your child’s bond that much stronger.

An extremely important aspect to supporting your child is supporting the school, pay your school fees on time, participate in fundraising either by donating goods, giving money or spreading the word about the fundraiser. Schools, even small ones, need a lot of money to operate and even though we all pay our school fees this doesn’t cover the continuous upkeep that is needed to ensure your child has a safe environment to learn in.

Stand by your commitments, if you volunteer for example, to be a class rep, first understand what the obligations of this position are and if you feel you can meet them stick by it.  The parents who sit on the Board of Governors understand what is required from them and are willing to make the sacrifices of their time and complete the tasks that are appointed to them. All in the name of helping the school run smoothly for all the students and the parents.

In closing I would just like to express my gratitude to the staff of Fish Hoek Pre-Primary for providing my daughter with two amazing years of schooling. I am really going to miss everything about the school and the wonderful people running it.

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