The Three Partners- child, parent and teacher!!

Posted on June 6 2022 by FHPPS in Blog, Parenting

The Three Partners- child, parent and teacher!! – information gathered from the article written by Mike Van Haght, entitled The Education Triangle.

I recently read a very interesting article that really did resonate with me and I though it important to share it.

We all know and have heard many times that there are three people involved in education, growth and learning:

The child – The parent- The Teacher.

We all have our part to play in the education of the child!!! But have you ever thought of it as a triangle?

A wonderful analogy that I will explain here:

Education is truly child centred with the child occupying the apex of the triangle and the parent and the teacher together providing the base. Important here is that each player occupying a corner of the triangle has a vital role to play. A triangle is such a good analogy as it is a stable structure and it can take many forms and sizes, necessary to suit the needs of each child!!

It is also important that each person in this triangle hold up his or her corner:-

The Child needs to attend school and work hard and behave appropriately showing respect for their teacher, parent, friends and peers.

The Parent needs to provide the stable home, food, shelter, clothes, security, emotional support and loads of love. But also teach the child about respect, honesty, tolerance and manners. This is a huge and important responsibility!!!

The Teacher needs to ensure that the school environment is conducive to good teaching and learning, is clean, safe, and has enough light and space and resources for each child. Teachers must also be present, well qualified, punctual, motivated, prepared, go the extra mile, and teach with love for their chosen profession.

This all being well, education and learning will take place, BUT what happens when a corner of the triangle fails or when one of the partners chooses not to stay in their corner?

The triangle become off balance!!!!!!

If the teacher does not teach properly or is ill prepared or not present, even if at school, then the parent has to step in and do more of the teaching at home. If the parents do not do their part in teaching manners and good behaviour, then the teachers have to step in and take on the parenting role. If the parents maybe cross into the teachers corner and start telling the teacher what to do, or parents cross over into the child’s corner by doing too much for their child and not allow their child to be independent…….. the balanced triangle becomes an unstable tangle!!!!!!!

So let’s always be aware of our role in the Education Triangle. Yes we do cross over slightly every now and again- as the teacher we do need to teach morals and as a parent we do need to help our children at home but keeping the base stable and being aware of the huge importance of teachers and parents working together we will be able to support our children’s education. A stable base will enable and equip the child to do their bit and the end result is a child who flourishes at school and in life!

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